Should You Use Retinol and AHA Together?

Retinol and AHAWe all know how great retinol works.

And many of us swear by the exfoliating and skin-perfecting abilities of AHA (alphahydroxy acid).

But what’s not as clear is if these two ingredients should be used together.

So let’s take a quick minute to answer that…

First, a quick primer on retinol.

Retinol is an ingredient that makes us all turn our heads when we find out it can keep our skin looking young and firm for years to come.

This amazing ingredient increases collagen production and even decreases its natural depletion over time.

That means with extended use, even as you age, you can look forward to less wrinkles and firmer, more beautiful skin.

Retinol also has the ability to exfoliate your skin, helping to leave it refreshingly clean and free of blemishes.

This ingredient removes dead skin revealing fresh new skin underneath and leaving your face feeling rejuvenated.

Retinol can be potent, so in order to avoid irritation, you have to be careful when combining this with an exfoliator.

Which leads us to AHA…

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (glycolic or lactic acid are examples) are known for their exceptional exfoliating properties.

These acids penetrate your skin and remove dead skin cells on a much deeper level than most facial scrubs.

So it basically they work as an exfoliator.

Knowing that, should you use Retinol and AHA together?

Although both of these great ingredients have their place in just about everyone’s skin care routine, it’s best not to use them together at the same time.

They  can counteract each other when used together, weakening their effectiveness.

They can also cause irritation when used together.

Although some people use these ingredients together and seem to have no bad reactions, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

After all, your goal is to improve the appearance and health of your skin- not irritate it and get neutral results.

Instead, if you’re planning on using both of these skin care ingredients, opt for using them at different times during the day to avoid too much irritation and get the best result possible!

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