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Comprehensive review of Niara Beauty Retinol Cream. See how this retinol cream compares against other wrinkle creams!

Niara Beauty Retinol Cream ReviewProduct Name:  Niara Beauty Retinol Cream

Overall Rating:  1 Star Rating

Product Type:  Cream

Size:  1.7 oz

Price:  $19.99

Cost Per Ounce:  $11.75

Where To Buy:  Click Here

# Of Ingredients:  24

Interesting Ingredients:  Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E

Overall Opinion:

I didn’t like Niara Beauty Retinol Cream because although it helped hydrate my skin, it caused my skin to become very irritated and break out.

The texture and feeling of this retinol cream is very thick and it feels super heavy on the skin; it’s the kind of product you think might clog your pores before you even try it.

It’s really easy to use and apply with the pump applicator, and even though it’s thick, you don’t need much product to cover your face and neck. I would say you only need about 1 pump for your face and about a half for your neck.

After using Niara Beauty Retinol Cream for a short amount of time, my skin definitely felt more hydrated than normal but it also began to develop clogged pores and little breakouts.

After using Niara Beauty Retinol Cream for a longer period of time, my skin was very broken out and irritated. It especially irritated my skin in the areas that I get oily like my cheeks and my chin. This retinol did also help keep my skin hydrated and plumped it up a bit but not enough to make a big difference on my fine lines and wrinkles.

Overall, Niara Beauty Retinol Cream was too thick of a retinol cream for my sensitive skin and it didn’t help my fine lines and wrinkles as much as I hoped it would.

Detailed Opinion:


The texture and feeling of Niara Beauty Retinol Cream is super thick and creamy. It’s the kind of cream that feels a little bit like it’s suffocating your skin and like your pores are instantly being clogged.


Niara Beauty Retinol Cream is easy to apply; it comes in a bottle with a pump applicator which I like a lot because it keeps the product clean and bacteria free, as well as makes it easy to control the amount of product you use.

Even though this product is super thick, it spreads out onto the skin nicely and you don’t actually need to use too much product to cover the face and neck, about 1-2 pumps is all you will need.

Drying Time

Niara Beauty Retinol Cream takes about 1 minute to dry, and as it dries down, it feels super sticky on your skin. Not only that but once it’s dry, it leaves your skin feeling heavy. It doesn’t ever really fully absorb into your skin.


There is a slight lemon or citrus scent to Niara Beauty Retinol Cream, but it’s not intense at all and it goes away very quickly.

Short Term Results

After using Niara Beauty Retinol Cream for a short period of time, my skin felt nice and hydrated but I also noticed I was developing little white heads from clogged pores.

Longer Term Results

After using Niara Beauty Retinol Cream for a longer period of time, my skin continued to break out and was super congested. I noticed it was the worst on my cheeks and chin. Other than that, I noticed that my skin was hydrated and felt a bit plumper than usual. Even though my skin felt plump and my fine lines were looking smoother, it wasn’t enough to make me forget about the breakouts on my skin.

Ingredients Analysis

Niara Beauty Retinol Cream is full of a ton of really great ingredients that are known to help with fine lines and wrinkles such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and vitamin E.

Hyaluronic acid is great for helping with fine lines and wrinkles because it restores hydration into the skin by trapping moisture, which then helps plump up the skin.

Aloe vera is another awesome ingredient because of its healing powers; it can help heal the skin that is damaged from free radicals.

Vitamin E is full of antioxidants which are needed to help the skin when trying to reverse signs of aging. It also helps fight off free radicals from the skin which ultimately helps more aging from occurring.

These three ingredients are great for helping with fine lines and wrinkles, and when used together, can help reduce the signs of aging.


The cost of Niara Beauty Retinol Cream is $19.99 for 1.7 oz of product.

This is more of an inexpensive retinol cream.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a money back guarantee for Niara Beauty Retinol Cream.

Where To Buy

To buy Niara Beauty Retinol Cream, click here.

Niara Beauty Retinol Cream: Summary

FactorNiara Beauty Retinol Cream
Overall Rating1 Star Rating
Texture/FeelThick and creamy texture
ApplicationEasy to apply with a pump applicator
Drying TimeDries in about 1 minute
SmellSlight lemon scent
Short Term ResultsHydrated skin and breakouts
Long Term ResultsCaused breakouts but also helped plump up the skin
IngredientsVitamin E is great to help with fighting off free radicals.
GuaranteeNo money back guarantee
Price$19.99 for 1.7 oz of product
Where To BuyClick Here

Niara Beauty Retinol Cream Review

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