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Comprehensive review of InstaNatural Retinol Moisturizer. See how this retinol cream compares against other wrinkle creams!

InstaNatural Retinol Moisturizer ReviewProduct Name:  InstaNatural Retinol Moisturizer

Overall Rating:  1 Star Rating

Product Type:  Moisturizer

Size:  3.4 oz

Price:  $19.97

Cost Per Ounce:  $5.87

Where To Buy:  Click Here

# Of Ingredients:  31

Interesting Ingredients:  Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Safflower Seed Oil

Overall Opinion:

InstaNatural Retinol Moisturizer really didn’t work well for my skin; it actually gave my skin more issues than I started with.

When you first apply this moisturizer, it’s very thick and heavy, and as you run it into your skin, it leaves a gross, greasy feeling.

I found that you have to use a lot of product to cover your entire face and neck since this product has such a thick texture. It also takes longer to run into the skin because its consistency is so greasy.

I really didn’t like that it left my face feeling sticky, heavy, and greasy. This product feels like it’s clogging your pores.

The morning after using this moisturizer for the first time, I woke up with little white heads all over my face; I was so upset! Despite my reaction, I decided to use it for a bit longer to see if the issue would clear up.

Unfortunately, this product continued to make my skin worse by giving me cystic-like bumps under the skin on my face and it didn’t even help with antiaging at all. This product really didn’t mix well with my skin.

Overall I wouldn’t recommend InstaNatural Retinol Moisturizer to anyone with sensitive or acne prone skin because that’s the only real change I saw in my skin after using this product.

Detailed Opinion:


When you first apply InstaNatural Retinol Moisturizer, it’s a very thick and very heavy moisturizer.

At first it feels nice and soft on the skin, but as you continue to rub it in, it leaves a greasy residue.


I like the applicator on the bottle of InstaNatural Retinol Moisturizer; I always love a pump since I feel like it’s the most sanitary and easy to use.

Since this moisturizer is so thick and heavy, it does take more product thank normal to cover the entire face and neck. Once it’s applied, I don’t like the way it feels on my skin… it’s too heavy.

Drying Time

InstaNatural Retinol Moisturizer doesn’t take that long to dry especially considering how thick it is; it takes about 30 seconds.

Even though it doesn’t take that long to dry, I still found it left my skin feeling kind of greasy and sticky which I really hate.


The smell of InstaNatural Retinol Moisturizer is absolutely disgusting; it has a heavy plastic and almost poison like smell. After it dries, the smell stays on the face which is a major disappointment.

Short Term Results

After the first night of using InstaNatural Retinol Moisturizer, I woke up with small white heads all over my forehead and other breakouts on my face and under my chin.

I was of course very upset, but decided to keep trying it because sometimes products can bring out the imperfections before helping them.

Longer Term Results

Over more time, I began to develop large under the skin bumps that were almost cystic all along my cheek bones and jaw.

Clearly, this product is too heavy and thick, and doesn’t react well with my skin.

Ingredients Analysis

InstaNatural Retinol Moisturizer does have some nice ingredients that are known for fighting aging of the skin such as vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, and safflower seed oil.

The first ingredient, vitamin c, is full of antioxidants which help with antiaging by fighting skin damage caused by free radicals.

Next, hyaluronic acid is great for helping to moisturize the skin and resurface and repair damage to the skin.

Lastly, safflower seed oil is high in linoleic acid which is a fatty acid that helps protect the skin from damage and helps repair signs of aging to the skin.

These ingredients, in combination with retinol, can really help skin with anti-aging.


The cost of InstaNatural Retinol Moisturizer is $19.97 for 3.4 oz which comes to $5.87 per ounce.

This is an extremely affordable price for a retinol moisturizer.


InstaNatural Retinol Moisturizer has a no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.

Where To Buy

To buy InstaNatural Retinol Moisturizer, click here.

InstaNatural Retinol Moisturizer: Summary

FactorInstaNatural Retinol Moisturizer
Overall Rating1 Star Rating
Texture/FeelThick and greasy feeling
ApplicationHave to use a lot of product because of the consistency
Drying TimeDries in about 30 seconds
SmellSmells like horrible plastic
Short Term ResultsBreakouts all over the face
Long Term ResultsDeep, under the skin breakouts
IngredientsSafflower seed oil is great for fighting signs of aging.
Guarantee100% no questions asked money back guarantee
Price$19.97 for 3.4 oz which is $5.87 per oz
Where To BuyClick Here

InstaNatural Retinol Moisturizer Review

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