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Review of: GoPure Retinol Facial Serum

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Comprehensive review of GoPure Retinol Facial Serum. See how this retinol cream compares against other wrinkle creams!

GoPure Retinol Facial Serum ReviewProduct Name:  GoPure Retinol Facial Serum

Overall Rating:  1 Star Rating

Product Type:  Serum

Size:  1 oz

Price:  $18.00

Cost Per Ounce:  $18.00

Where To Buy:  Click Here

# Of Ingredients:  24

Interesting Ingredients:  Witch Hazel, Green Tea, Aloe

Overall Opinion:

GoPure Retinol Facial Serum was one of my least favorite retinols I’ve used in a while. Not only did I see no benefits from this product, but it actually left my skin feeling worse than before.

This retinol serum has a unique texture for a serum; it feels creamy and the texture reminds me more of a lotion than a serum. You’d think that would mean that it would absorb nicely into the skin but really it just sits on top of the skin and leaves a gross sticky residue. The product also somehow gets stuck in the dropper applicator which makes application much more difficult than it should be.

Short term, this retinol serum irritated my skin. At first, I thought the irritation was just normal irritation that can be caused by retinol products, but unfortunately, the longer I used the product the irritation didn’t go away. Not only did it irritate my skin but I saw absolutely no benefits from this product at all.

Overall, this retinol facial serum didn’t work for my skin and I definitely will not be using it again!

Detailed Opinion:


The texture and feeling of GoPure Retinol Facial Serum are different from many other serums; it has a creamy almost lotion-like consistency. You would think with the consistency of this product that it would absorb nicely into the skin, but unfortunately this one sits on top of the skin leaving a sticky residue.


Something that is really annoying about this applicator is that the product gets clogged in the dropper. I did a little research to see what was going on and apparently a lot of their customers have this issue. When the product arrived, the dropper was already kind of clogged which made it seem like there was old product sitting in there which is pretty gross. As for applying on the face, you don’t need more than a few drops to cover their entire face.

Drying Time

As I mentioned before, this retinol serum leaves a sticky residue on the skin. It semi-absorbs into the skin at first in about 15 seconds, but after that you’re left with a sticky residue that feels gross on the skin.


There isn’t any added fragrance to GoPure Retinol Facial Serum, but it doesn’t smell good by any means; it kind of smells a bit sour.

Short Term Results

Short term I noticed some irritation to my skin which typically is a good sign with a retinol product. It means the retinol is working!

Longer Term Results

After using GoPure Retinol Facial Serum for a longer period of time, this product continued to irritate my skin. It turns out the irritation wasn’t from the retinol… it was from the product in general. I saw absolutely no difference to my fine lines and wrinkles, nor did it help with my tone, texture, or hyperpigmentation. This was a major let down! I don’t try that many products that not only don’t work but leave my skin worse than before I tried it.

Ingredients Analysis

GoPure Retinol Facial Serum is packed with plenty of ingredients that should be good for the skin and should help with anti-aging.

First, Witch Hazel is full of tannins, which are supposed to help the skin fight inflammation and keep skin healthy and firm.

Second, Green Tea is great for the skin and anti-aging because it helps protect the skin against sun damage as well as slows down the aging process with its many antioxidants.

Lastly, Aloe works to help fight off free radicals from the skin which ultimately helps the slowing of anti-aging.

These ingredients are great for helping fight against anti-aging, but unfortunately in this product, I just didn’t see the benefits.


The cost of GoPure Retinol Facial Serum is $18.00 for 1 oz of product.

This is pretty pricey, especially because this product didn’t work at all.


Thankfully there is a 60-day money back guarantee for GoPure Retinol Facial Serum, so you can try it risk free!

Where To Buy

To Buy GoPure Retinol Facial Serum, click here.

GoPure Retinol Facial Serum: Summary

FactorGoPure Retinol Facial Serum
Overall Rating1 Star Rating
Texture/FeelCreamy consistency
ApplicationDropper is constantly clogged by product.
Drying TimeDoesn’t totally dry down
SmellSmells kind of sour
Short Term ResultsIrritated skin
Long Term ResultsNo benefits to the skin at all
IngredientsAloe helps fight off free radicals.
Guarantee60-day money back guarantee
Price$18.00 for 1 oz of product
Where To BuyClick Here

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