5 Reasons People Aren’t Using Retinol But Should

Use Retinol?The amazing skin-saving ingredient, retinol has been around for decades.

It’s one of the few skincare ingredients that actually has tons of clinical trials showing its effectiveness.

So why isn’t everyone using it?

Here are the 5 main reasons…

#1 You’re Unaware of What Retinol Is

Retinol? What’s that?

Believe it or not, that’s what goes through a lot of people’s minds when they hear or read about this amazing ingredient.

Now, I’m sure they may be interested in hearing about retinol, but they truly have no idea the full extent of benefits they’re missing.

Retinol reduces fine lines by reducing collagen, unclogs pores by with Vitamin A and even tones discoloration and gives you soft firm young beautiful looking skin!

Interestingly, retinol was originally used to treat acne.  During this time, doctors quickly noticed the other astonishing effects retinol has on the skin as well.

#2 You Can’t Afford It

This assumption is probably one of the main reasons people haven’t jumped on the bandwagon and tried this incredible ingredient yet.

And while some high-quality retinol products are very expensive, all the attention this ingredient has received has brought prices down as more and more companies launch retinol products.

It’s now possible to use retinol formulated into increasingly affordable products.

#3 You Fear Your Skin Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better

No one wants to risk a disastrous facial dilemma that eats at their confidence and inner happiness; even for a day.

It’s true your skin could potentially become a little irritated, flaky or red at first.  That’s normal when your skin is “turning over”.

If you start with a low strength of retinol and gradually increase it, however, this can easily be avoided.

#4 You’re Worried Retinol Will Make Your skin More Susceptible To Sun Damage

Thankfully, this is just a long-lived myth.

Retinoids absolutely will not make your skin more sensitive to the sun or more prone to sun damage.

Actually, retinoids can help protect your skin’s collagen from the sun’s UV rays. This myth comes from the fact the ingredient retinol is sensitive to light itself.

This is why skin care products containing retinol should be packaged in materials that protect it from both air and light, such as an aluminum tube.

So the ingredient retinol is sensitive to light itself indeed, but it doesn’t make you sensitive to light when you use it.

#5 You Don’t Want To Deal With Going To A Dermatologist

Between daily routines, busy schedules and errands to run- who does?

Good news is, you don’t have to!

Prescription retinoid products do a great job, but you don’t have to go that route.

Over-the counter-products can still give you amazing results, and without all the irritation.

So Which Retinol Product Should I Use?

If you’re looking for specific product ideas, be sure to check out our ranking of the 10 best retinol creams.

We’ve personally tested all of these out and saw some pretty impressive results!

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